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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y580 major problem.

Just for reference folks, I've been using speedfan with my computer religiously to monitor temperatures while gaming.  With my cooling pad on setting 2 of 3 or 3 of 3 I can keep the gpu and hdd temps below 70 and 55 respectively.  Usually the drive gets to around 53 while gaming for some time and the gpu around 67.  Right now the computer has been on most of the day (downloading stuff) and with no cooling pad the HDD is at 44 degrees.


I had posted sometime a few weeks ago about my gpu basically shutting down due to temps around 90 degrees.  This was resolved (for now) with new thermal paste.  It was definitely the problem for the gpu.  But now I've been watching HDD religiously.  Lets just say I recently backed up my drive and plan to buy the "In home" 3 year warranty in the next few days.  I think 150$ Canadian is a decent investment for another 2 years of running without worrying about sending the **bleep** computer away.  I just don't trust this machine will run forever.  We're all guinea pigs and the results from these forums aren't reassuring.


The other night I had the weirdest thing happen, when I started the machine (cold) it wouldn't boot and wanted to initiate system restore.  I rebooted several times until it started as per normal (thank god) and haven't had the problem since.  I'M WORRIED.  Does anyone here know if doing a system backup (Image) is all that's required to get a new hard drive running if this one I have should die?

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Re: Lenovo Ideapad Y580 major problem.

Hi Egger,


Sorry for the delay in posting, just been tied to some other cases. In regards to your case, I tried to replicate and also consulted with some of the teams and we came to the conclusion that there could a possibility that this is caused by a HDD failure or the HDD connection that was not properly seated correctly. In this regard and based for the posting and finding in this thread, I would suggest you to contact our service team to confirm the failure. During this time before sending your machine to service try check the lenovo Energy Managent and under setting turn off the "Smart-power-saving hardisk" option and see if there is any changes.


hope this helps.



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