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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad y510p Speaker Problem

Hey Vankizzle any further updates? I have the same left speaker popping problem, rather than the muffled/fuzzy speaker problem on my SLI y510p. I ordered it on ebay from the states but live in Dubai and have put in into the service center here twice and each time the sound came back. They replaced the motherboard the first time and then the uppercase the second time (im not sure what that is but its what came back on the receipt). It seems to be triggered by heat from my experience with it so far. I play guild wars 2 on it and it gets pretty hot and then all of a sudden, sounds cut out and clicking/popping starts and audio jack still works, and once the popping starts it stays, even after it cools down, full shut down and restart. After replacing the uppercase it did work just fine for 2 weeks but i was only watching movies on it and it didn't get worked all that hard. I then got a routine update for the nvidia drivers and now the second graphics card doesn't appear to be in use (no air passing out the left side exhaust vents) and after 20 minutes of game play the laptop got rather hot and the clicking/popping sound started up once again which really makes me think its a hardware problem affected by the heat generated and passing through the left exhaust vent. After the driver update my screen also starts to blink randomly and have these bands of colour flicker ever now and then during game play, which I think is another problem caused by the heat generated. I really am at a loss with this situation and baffled that Lenovo themselves haven't fully addressed this issue. A quick 2 minute search shows just how many people there are out there having the same problem within a few weeks after purchasing the product....... If anyone knows anything at all please let us know!

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