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Punch Card
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Lenovo Ideapad y560 fan vibration fix and other issues

As i have poster a few weeks ago, my fan started to vibrate violently. i immediately googled for a new fan and asked local lenovo retailer to check with the service about the price.
few days ago, i got an answer. price was waay to high for a fan - 40$ both online and from service guys. 
so, thinking i would need to buy it anyways, i pushed my luck, opened the laptop and removed the fan.
I ripped the black fan thing out of it housing and it seems that's the right way to do it.
put some sewing machine oil in it and since then, no vibrations, no noise, like new. knock on wood.


now other problems:

fan is too slow.

it's somehow limited, so if graphic card is not overheating, it will cool the cpu only to a preselected point. about 60% fan power is a limiter for cpu. cpu gets to ~82-3°C
if you are stressing gpu as well, fan will work till max 80% fan speed. and system will overheat and freeze considering that at that point, cpu is over 90°C. gpu maxxes out at about 74-5-6°C 

so, that needs to be fixed by fan controller update, not by a laptop cooler or anything consumer-replaceable.

vents are clean, no dust there.


other issue. when on battery and stressing system, cpu will not run at max frequency. it gets stuck around 1.8ghz. 
when plugged, it's 2.1 (i330m)
lenovo and windows powerplans are set, so i thing there is not enough power or smtng? 


i did the stressing by furmark for gpu and aida64, stressing only fpu
windows 7 x64
bios 71 (did try modified bios 71 with fan options, but didnt work)

power managment


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Community Moderator
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad y560 fan vibration fix and other issues

Hi Legnum,


very good tip to fix the rattling fan with a drop of oil instead of spending $$ on a new one.


In this review of model Y560 the temperature measurements look very similar to what you report from your Y560...


so don't worry Smiley Wink ... Zehn

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Ideapad y560 fan vibration fix and other issues

you dont understand. fan cant cool cpu and gpu effectivly. if i remove the "stand" and just lay it flat on a flat wooden table and stress system, laptop will overheat, first slowdown cpu then eventually freeze.

I'm sure systems must endure complete stress testing without overheating in everyday conditions (flat surface) without slowing down cpu frequency. 

considering that my y560 with slowest/coolest cpu of the range(i3-330m) cant maintain it from overheating, problem in i5 and i7 must be noticable even in daily usage, if I dare say.


and another issue i found out about when installing cooler

(2 same rubber erasers under back two standard  "stand points")

is that if laptop is not leveled, hdd will get hot. 
average temperature of the hdd when not leveled is around 42°C ( not dangerous but an explanation is required)

average temperature of the hdd when leveled is around 34°C

those informations are backed up by hdd sentinel that monitors and loggs temperatures into the chart every 30 minutes and then calculates daily average etc.


I did not use the laptop for 3 days, i let it run on a stand so torrents seed. 

even if laptop was performing regular maintenence, it couldnt do that for 3 days straight, it must have took it max 5 hours to defragment, check for viruses, spyware etc.

software has nothing to do with hdd overheating, everything is on all the time. 

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