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Lenovo Laptop Gray Screen On Startup

I recently got my laptop shipped back from Lenovo after fixing yet another problem (for the third time, I might add) and have had it for a few weeks now. It has been working fine. However, just tonight I was using the Windows 8 Netflix app when it froze up and the screen went gray. I could move the mouse but couldn't see anything so I manually turned the computer off. After booting it back up, reaching the lock screen, and typing in my password, as opposed to taking me to the desktop or even the start menu, a blank gray screen appeared. I could move the mouse but could see nothing else on the screen. However, I was still able to access the Task Manager via Ctrl+Alt+Del and access certain programs through it, such as Firefox. They show up fine; however, when minimzed, I am returned to the gray screen. I cannot access the desktop, the start menu, or any of the start menu functions that occur when I move my mouse to the upper corners of the screen.


I am running the most recent version of Windows 8.1. I know my laptop is an IdeaPad of sorts, but I don;t know much about it off of the top of my head. I really hope this is a problem I can fix myself, as Lenovo's customer service is useless and I have had many issues with them in the past.


Any help is appreciated, altough I'm not a very techy person, so please bear with me. Thank you!

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