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Lenovo Solution Center 3.3.003

Hi, receiving an invite to update, I did and this is my first approach.

Having the time to test the program in detail, these are the results on my PC (Z50-70 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U Processor @ 2.00GHz 8GB diskdrive 1000GB).

- A "quick test" (which quick is not) goes on about 11 hours!
- The longer time is for the testing of video card Intel (R) HD Graphics Family (1/2 hour for the memory test and at least 10 hours for the mathematics operations and pipeline texture), while the rest of tests takes only 10 minutes about.
in my opinion a quick test should be reasonably "rapid" anyway, whereas the PC is not usable for all the duration of the test!
Questions (given that even the help provided shows screens different from the real and offers very little):
- What is the difference between "Run quick tests" ("Esegui test rapidi" in the IT version) and how provided by clicking on "Run comprehensive tests" and then "Run quick tests" (IT vers.: "Seleziona test" then "Esegui test rapidi")?
- What is the difference between "quick tests" and "extensive testing" (IT vers.: "test rapidi" and "test completi")?  the resulting logs are identical!
- It says "Hardware scan" but the drivers are also tested?
- Between the "memory" tests we can see (on IT version)  "Quelli che camminano a sinistra di prova" and "Quelli che camminano di prova giusto" (Google translation:  "Those who walk to test the left" and "Those who walk the right test"): I don't know the original EN version but think it is a strange translation of .....? what do they mean?

Thanks to anybody for replying.

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