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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Y-70 Slow Performance When Unplugged.

Hello, recntly I downloaded Kiler Instinct to my Lenovo Y-70. When Istartwed playing it everything worked perfectly fine and the game ran perfectly. This stopped however when I unplugged my computer and the game started lagging horrendously. To put this lag in comparison, I used the game's performance test while it was plugged in and while it was on battery. Both settings were the same and while it was plugged in it scored about a 1100/1000, and while it was on battery it scored around a 400/1000. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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Re: Lenovo Y-70 Slow Performance When Unplugged.

This is not a problem/defect.


Running a game/graphics intensive task is not possible on battery since there is not enough juice to support the high processing power. Gaming is recommened at full settings when plugged in otherwise it may cause undersired effects/damage to laptop. You can play games on battery but I am guessing low settings.


Most laptops either have a 45W or 60W battery, whereas an external charger is typically 90/120W, you can easily see the difference in power that each can supply.

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