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Lenovo Y40-70 Fan way too loud, quiet sometimes and suddenly gets loud

Hey everyone,


I've had this laptop for a few years now and I know this hasn't always been a problem. In other topics regarding this issue, it's recommended to update your BIOS and drivers and everything. I've already done that. I think it might have been some update that started this issue. My temperature readings are reasonable in GPU-z. For some reason my laptop just starts spinning the fan really loudly, even if the room is cold. I've never felt my laptop get really hot or anything. The noise is just really loud now and it's embarassing to take it out in public. It doesn't sound BROKEN, it just sounds like when you turn on an older desktop.  My warranty has expired and I've already looked inside at the fans - they didn't appear to be damaged or dusty. I cleaned them, even used the cleaning app and the problem didn't improve at all. So basically I don't know what to do. If it's not a hardware problem, what else might it be? If it is a hardware problem, I guess I should look into getting a new laptop? The thing is, I've googled around and it seems other people have had this issue too. I haven't been hard on my laptop or anything, it just stays on my desk.



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Re: Lenovo Y40-70 Fan way too loud, quiet sometimes and suddenly gets loud

Assuming that your fans are clean and both working and the vents are clear, then you may have to simply clean the old grease, and then reapply the thermal silicone grease between the heat sink and the CPU.    

I have seen where over time on laptops the heat sink compound or pad dries out and loosens, and then does not transfer heat efficiently to the heat sink; thus causing the fans to work harder to keep the CPU cool.    


If you do decide to replace the compound, use a good high quality one like Artic Silver etc., make sure to clean off the old crud completely, and then just apply a nice thin layer over the entire CPU......Too much is not better....


Good Luck.


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Re: Lenovo Y40-70 Fan way too loud, quiet sometimes and suddenly gets loud

Lenovo support can help replace the thermal grease, which may be causing the loud fan noises.

Eric Xu

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