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Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues



I am having some battery issues with my Y40 laptop which I purchased in late 2014. It seems that the battery gauge reads 100% even though the battery is discharging and the power cable is not plugged in. I have tried completely draining the laptop and charging it again, when charging from 0% it does update the percentage correctly on the battery gauge.


However, after I close the laptop lid and it goes to sleep, if I open it again, it reads 100% even though I know its not at 100%. Then it just dies after it discharges but I have no idea when to plug it in since I can't trust the gauge.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I had a similar issue in the past and sent it back to Lenovo and they replaced the battery but could it really be the battery again after only 8 months of usage? The battery holds a charge fine, it just doesn't update the battery gauge on the taskbar properly it seems.


I've gotta say, if thats the case, I'm quite dissapointed in this laptop Smiley Sad.


I read a bunch of the other posts online about similar issues but nothing specific to this laptop that has fixed the issue. I'm not sure what else to try and if there is something else I can do.


Note that I am running Windows 10 instead of 8.1 which is what the laptop came with initially.


Thanks for the help!

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Re: Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues

I have the same issue... Really dissapointed. It started happening right when my warranty was done.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues

Any updates on this issue?


I have the same problem. Sometimes the battery starts discharging, but it never shows the real amount of charge it has left, so when it's gone it suddenly shutsdown, without any warning or even the battery saving crap mode starting to function.



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Re: Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues

In response to customer reports of unexpected battery gauge behavior on Y40-70 and Y40-80 laptops, Lenovo determined the battery gauge software is performing as expected. The unusual gauge results being reported are a reflection of the battery reaching end of life.


Lenovo has released a Service TIP to assist customers with obtaining battery replacements under warranty, or if out of warranty, to find a replacement battery from Lenovo-approved vendors. The Service TIP can be found here:


The part numbers for Y40-70/80 batteries are:

Y40 SP/A L13M4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500248

Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500249 substitute part 121500251

Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500259 substitute part 121500251


To determine which battery came with your Y40 notebook, instructions for removing the bottom cover can be found in the Hardware Maintenance Manual pdf here. An alternative to opening your system (which does not void warranty) is to search for batteries using the model/product number located on the bottom cover.


Thank you,

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Re: Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues

I have this problem too.
How long is the warranty for the battery Y40/80?

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