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Lenovo Y400 won't turn on, makes strange clicking noise


Hey everybody,


A couple days ago, my Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 started randomly losing power and turning off (just turning off; not going through the shutdown process).  I thought this was weird/annoying but I could always just push the power button and boot it back up again.  I planned on doing a system restore today from a backup I have on an external drive, but before I could do that, yesterday I put my laptop into sleep mode, and it randomly shut off while sleeping and wouldn't power back up.  I can't get it to turn on from either the main power button or the NOVO system restore button.  What's more, my laptop no longer even recognizes when the power supply is plugged into the machine: the LED on the front panel doesn't light up when the cable is plugged in.  It won't power up when just the battery is plugged in, either.


I don't think the problem is a power supply issue.  My mom has a Lenovo laptop as well and I went to her house today to check.  Her power supply fits my laptop but my laptop won't work with hers either.


I found a bunch of solutions online like taking the battery out, holding the power button for 60 seconds, then plugging it back in.  Some people said to hold enter and the power button at the same time, some people said to remove the RAM before holding the button, some people said to hold the laptop upside-down or at a 45-degree angle when holding the power button, etc. etc. None of those suggestions worked.


Here's the really weird part:  When the power supply is plugged in, about once a second a small clicking noise comes from somewhere on the motherboard.  The LED doesn't light up and there is no other indication that the thing is alive, but this tiny clicking noise shows up.  It disappears when you unplug the power supply even if the battery is plugged in. I pulled the back off and found the general location of the clicking noise - it's right above the RAM chips, near where the GPU is and below the CPU.  I made a recording with a microphone on high sensitivity so you can listen to it also, if that helps to diagnose anything.  I originally thought maybe it's a problem with the power supply or the fuse, but it's far away from the part where the power supply enters the motherboard, and some sources online say the clicking can come from the hard drive if it doesn't get enough power, but it's on the opposite side of the laptop from the hard drive, too, so I'm at a loss.


I tried removing the hard drive to just boot the BIOS to see if the hard drive was the problem, but I still got nothing.


Here's the image of the laptop with a circle showing where the clicking noise is coming from.  I included a ten-second mp3 link of the clicking noise itself, too. 


Is there anything I can possibly do to rescue my laptop?  If I bought a new motherboard and replaced it, would that potentially solve the problem?  What else could be the problem here?  Is there potentially a cheaper solution?


Any help from you guys would be super awesome.  I know enough about computers and electronics to be able to take stuff apart, replace parts, check voltages, etc so any suggestions you have I can follow up on!  Thanks a ton.




Clicking noise comes from here. Deduced using a hyper-scientific toilet paper roll to the ear as an amplifier.    --- mp3 file



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Re: Lenovo Y400 won't turn on, makes strange clicking noise

hi pianojordan,


Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.


From your observation, it does look like there's a problem with the CPU since this is where the clicking noise is comming from.

   - Link to picture


if you have the Y400 non-SLI model, the Intel HD Graphics (integrated to the CPU) is normally the one that's being used when the unit is turned ON (if the CPU is defective, this may explain why you're getting the system gives a no display).


In this case, if the machine's no longer under warranty, I would try and reseat the CPU, reapply a thermal paste and check for burnt areas on the motherboard. Otherwise, I would contact lenovo and report the issue as you may need to send the unit for warranty work.


As for purchasing a new motherboard, I wouldn't do this yet unless it's recommended by soneone who have access to low level motherboard repair tools. You may opt to send the unit to lenovo (for out of warranty repair) or to a local computer repair center to verify the parts needed to restore the system back.


Help items:

Y400 Video Disassembly (see FRU Videos)

Y400 maintenance manual

PC Memory, Processor and Motherboard Diagnostic Flowchart



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