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Lenovo Y410 "No Power, No Lights"

Mysterious Problem! I don't know what happened. I just turned on my laptop and edited a photoshop with Photoshop, after editing turned it off (hibernated as usual) and it just went fine. the next morning, tried to turn it on, no lights, no power, tried isolating the problem;


1. removed the battery - no power

2. installed new battery - no power (i bought this 1 week ago - original lenovo battery)

3. installed old battery - no power

4. used a different power cable (Lenovo G-series from Dad) this is working before, now - no power

5. The laptop just have no reactions at all


Last known working configuration:


Lenovo Y410 7757

2.0ghz Intel Core 2 Duo

4GB Ram - upgraded

320gb HD - upgraded

SD slot loaded / was active with 512mb card inserted just for file storage

PCI slot loaded / not active just storage for the Mogo mouse (not charging)

Windows 7 64bit

All devices (Wifi, bluetooth, camera) working properly except Rambo Drive which is not functioning a month after I bought it could not even remembered writing a dvd on its DVd drive; Did not had it repaired since they will send it to Manila (Philippines capital for a week or more) so I just bought a separate Lacie DVD writer.


I clean the CPU exhaust about every 3 months or if its already dirty to avoid over heating. Laptop is clean and looks just 2 months old but this is actually 1 year and 8 months.


What happened? The problem here in the Philippines, specifically here in Davao City there is no Lenovo Support, just partnershop, where should I go?


Please help. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y410 "No Power, No Lights"



Have you got any solution for the problem you mentioned here, I am also facing same problem.





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Re: Lenovo Y410 "No Power, No Lights"

Nope.. my Lenovo Y410 is long dead.. Maybe this was my obituary post for that machine.. Died due to motherboard failure.. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y410 "No Power, No Lights"



 I am also facing this type problem.My contact no is 97xxxxxxxx. If you know the problem please inform me or reply me in It's very urgent.


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