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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y410P experiencing high latency spikes/interim disconnection when gaming

Hi guys.


I've recently just bought a Lenovo Y410P. Really eager and pleased.

However, didn't really had an awesome experience when I was gaming. 

The game I'm playing is Dota 2.

Experienced high latency spikes on and off throughout the game, especially when i'm in clashes Smiley Frustrated 

Eg: doing a ping test on the command prompt gives and avg between 5~20ms pings. Occasional spikes will occur going up to as high as 1/2k pings.


Have tried contacting my ISP a few times and the router has been changed around 2-3 times. Quite sure that the problem lies only with my computer as my sibling doesn't face the same issue on their laptops.

From time to time, even web surfing may cause spikes such as Facebook or Twitter (Rarely)


Have since switched to using a CAT 6 eth wired to playing games but isn't really convenient

Pings are stable when using wired but just getting request times out 1-2 times on and off. Other than that, its alright


Appreciate any kind suggestions/help.



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