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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y410P still slow after reformatting??

My laptop was slow taking 5 minutes to boot so I decided to reformat it. The boot time is below one minute now, but my compmuter is still slow (installation time and can't run the games on the same setting as when I first had it). I was wondering if my hard drive was failing?? I ran the Lenovo quick storage test and this was my result: 


Model:ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB
Size:931.51 GBs
Rotation Rate:5400 RPM
Cache:16.00 MBs
Temperature:36 C
Physical Sector Size:4096
Logical Sector Size:512
Logical Sectors:1953525168
Specification Version:ATA8-ACS version 6
Partition Schema:GPT
10/25/2014 17:38:16 - SMART Status TestPassed (0.03s)
10/25/2014 17:38:16 - Targeted Read TestPassed (0.38s)
10/25/2014 17:38:16 - Random Seek TestPassed (101.91s)
10/25/2014 17:39:58 - Funnel Seek TestPassed (110.38s)
10/25/2014 17:41:48 - SMART Short Self TestPassed (195.72s)
10/25/2014 17:45:04 - SMART Drive Self TestPassed (122.11s
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Re: Lenovo Y410P still slow after reformatting??

Grab HD Tune, and look for any highlighted entries on the Health tab.

Also games failing to run as fluently can also be caused by overheating, though reading from a slow disk can indeed cause stuttering.

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Re: Lenovo Y410P still slow after reformatting??


Did you resolve the issue with your slow y410P?

I Purchased my y410P laptop (12GB & 32GBssd)  in March 2014.

My Y410P started running very, very slow.  Scanned for all types of malware and none were found.  In Sept 2014 I decided to install an "IMAGE" I created with all my applications after I first purchased the laptop.  The laptop was a little faster, but still continued to run slow after the image was installed, then I installed all windows updates.  Still running slow.  In Nov 2014, I decided to perform a "factory default"  installation and the laptop is still running slow.  I was initially happy with the Y410P; it had an extremely fast boot time and very fast over all. 

Purchased the Lenovo Y410P to replaced a "GREAT" laptop I purchased in 2005 and updated to Windows7 Pro in 2010. 

Help anyone? 

My next step is to contact Lenovo.

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