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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

Hello, I recently got the Lenovo Y470 and it's been working great except for the brightness adjustment by frssing Fn+up and down.  When I do that, I can change the brightness but the animation that appears at the bottom of the screen is stuck at 3 instead of moving with the corresponding brightness setting.  My volume slider works just fine and so do all of my other hotkeys.  I have already tried re-installing Lenovo Energy Manager, but it did not work. 


On a side note, is there a way to mute the mic on the computer with hotkeys?


Thank you for your help in advance.

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

hey fenris,

try this; uninstall energy management. set your unit to diagnostic mode via msconfig.

install energy management while in diagnostic mode, change back to normal mode via msconfig and test the brightness toggle.

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

What driver do you have for the Display Adapters, Intel HD Graphics Family?  My Y470 shipped with, and the FN + Up/Down worked with the on-screen display correctly moving from right to left. When I upgraded the Display Adapter from the Intel site to, the on-screen display no longer worked, it froze, although the screen brightness changed. I rolled back the driver to 2342, and now the on-screen brightness display moves as normal.


This is why you should only use drivers that Lenovo has a chance to modify for their unique "experience".




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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

I do remember!  I installed the Intel HD3000 "latest" driver through windows update, and that's when it all happened.  Rolled back drivers through device manager and it works now!  Thank you so much!

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

Ok I have a y570 and I have no updated any drivers or anything. The only thing I have done was install Office 2010 and Microsoft updated Office 2010 components only...there were no "IntelHD" updates.


Any suggestions?


The fn+uparrow and fn+downarrow do toggle the brignteness, just that the indicator no longer appears.


 I also uninstalled the IntelHD driver and uninstalled Energy Management and reinstalled them both according to the drivers on the lenovo website. Still the Fn+uparrow/Fn+downarrow do not work.

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

i have the same problem with this bar (mine stays exactly in middle Smiley Tongue)

i have a g570 and only thing i did was to update windows 7 as it requested...the display driver was the one from the cd i got together with the laptop...

if there are any other solutions, please let me know...if not, i will reinstall windows in about half a year Smiley Sad and not let windows update again Smiley Tongue


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

Try this,


press the start button (is it still even called that?)

search "device manager"

look for "Display adapters" and click it

that should open up a tree, so click "Intel HD Graphics Family"

then, navigate to the drivers tab and click "roll back driver"


If that doesn't work, go to the Lenovo download site and download their Intel HD Series driver first, and save it to the desktop.  Then do the same steps mentioned above, but this time click "uninstall driver".  The screen will probably become all wonky but it's okay.  Try to navigate to the desktop and open up the installer to the drivers you downloaded and it should fix it.

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

My Y570 have the exact problem. The Roll back driver for Intel HD solved it like a charm! Thankx all.. Smiley Very Happy
Btw, can I update the driver with the new one from lenovo site? or should I stay with this driver forever???
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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

Works great thanks!

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Re: Lenovo Y470 Brightness Toggle Problem

hello to all.

i have a new p580, and after doing updates i too experienced the brightness toggle problem. after not getting much help at futureshop, i joined this forum , searched the problem and found the solution here on this thread.


thanks to all

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