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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

New "Wired" review of the Y480:

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 Ivy Bridge Laptop

I don't think they like it. 

Also, this Wikipedia article on the Ivy Bridge technology says that:

"Ivy Bridge's temperatures are reportedly 20°C higher compared to Sandy Bridge when overclocked."

Ivy Bridge (microarchitecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Won't that play havoc, in the already high temperatures debate, of the Lenovo Y-series. What I mean is, if your Y470 runs hot at 90 degrees, and throttles the CPU, what will the Y480 do?




I'm DO'ing IT

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X1 Carbon 2nd Gen (20A8) ThinkPad/YOGA Tablet 2 Pro-1380F/IdeaCentre A520 All-In-One i5-3230M/Lenovo Y470 i7-2630QM/T420

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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

Can't wait to read your review. I purchased the same configuration and plan to swap out the 32GB SSD with a Kingston HyperX 240GB boot drive Smiley Tongue

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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

I think the 32GB SSD is an mSata SSD, so you'd have to change out the hard drive or the optical drive to put the Kingston HyperX in. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

I read it was a separate 2.5" drive - now I'm royally confused! Anyone have an answer to this one (or actually have one to play with?)


My credit card was charged yesterday by Lenovo in Morrisville, NC - so it must be shipping soon - fingers crossed!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

if it's a mSATA, I wonder how replacing the 1TB spinning drive with a 240GB HyperX will perform?!
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

At least you can see your Nvidia. On my Y480 can not see the Nvidia card. Tried installing Lenovo Nvidia drivers which errored out. Also tried Nvidia 296 and Beta 300 drivers which exited when they could detect a Nvidia Card.

UEFI/EFI Bios is set for "Switchable Graphics". Some one forget to the card in??? Tech support wants me to double check device manager (I will any way) other wise time to call Post Sales Support...

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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

New Y580 is now up for order, it has Nvidia GTX660M graphics -- a whole bunch more powerful than the Y480.  The Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen is there as promised too:

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

OK guys - I finally got my laptop last week and now I'm ready to review:


FIrst, let me just say that I do not use the comp for gaming. My college days are over and I have an XBOX 360 for gaming. Computers are for work and graphics, watching movies and TV now. That being said, here are the specs:


Y480 - 1TB Hard Drive 5400 RPM, 32GB SSD boot drive, 8GB RAM, COre i7 2.30 Ghz Ivy Bridge, Windows 7 Home Premium.


Overall: FANTASTIC. I love this computer. More below.



1) Lightning fast. I haven't had a computer move this fast in so long. There is no lag loading programs, surfing the web, etc.

2) INSTANTANEOUS booting. I will put it to sleep and then open it up over 24 hours later (I don't take it to work with me, don't use it on the Sabbath, etc.) and it will boot up to the logon screen in half a second, and then have me back in my computer in another half a second after I enter the password.

3) Backilt keyboard (see below for con about it, though)

4) Hard Drive Space. WOW. It's so beautiful how much it is. 

5) Coolness of computer when using. This computer does not heat up!!!! It's awesome that I don't need a laptop desk anymore just top keep from getting 3rd degree burns on my legs. I should mention, however, that I haven't pushed the comp incredibly hard with intense graphic stuff yet. But movies, Tv shows, surfing, leaving it on overnight by accident - none of that has made it get anything other than slightly warm. Yay!

6) Speakers: WOW. Fantastic sound. It gets really loud when you want it to, and the richness of the audio is intense and awesome. And I'm a huge audiophile, so this part is really important to me.

7) Webcam: Solid. Standard webcam, good video and audio quality, no lag (I have fast internet and latest Flash though)

8) Looks: Sleek finish to chassis. Lots of stickers on the front below keyboard, which might turn some people off, but I don't mind them.

9) Affordable 3-year protection plan. Dell would charge me out the eyes for this and I would only get a 1-year with them, and it was only $160 for this comp from Lenovo for 3 years. For ~$53 a year, I'll take the protection!



1) Still getting used to the keyboard. Some keys that I wish were bigger are smaller, and the chicklet thing is new for me so I make a lot of typing mistakes that I have to correct.

2) Touchpad is weird to me, also takes some getting used to with the one solid piece and integrated buttons on the bottom. I keep hitting right click when I mean to hit left. It's a little bit annoying.

3) No varying of backlight brightness. On my old Dell, there's was low, medium, and high for keyboard backlight settings. I would do low most of the time so as not to strain my eyes or bother others, etc. This laptop has only one setting, which is pretty bright. Not worth returning it for, but is a slight gripe of mine.

4) 5400 RPM Hard Drive. This makes only a slight difference to keen observers, but copying files over USB is noticeably, if only slighty, slower on the new comp. That's what you get for having this luscious 1 TB of space. I don't mind the slightly slower transfer rate if it means I can store all of my pics since 2004 and still have 750 GB of HDD space. And how often do I really need lightning fast transfer?

5) Minor annoyance: There are these hidden "special button combos" that load proprietary Lenovo stuff when I'm trying to do something else. I can only remember/think of one offhand: In Chrome, if I accidentally closed a tab, I Could press Ctrl+Shfit+T to bring back the last closed tab. Now when I do that, the screen goes dark and then it loads some multimedia Lenovo special screen or something. Gotta figure out how to disable that and get my last tab shortcut back! Any ideas?


Don't care: Screen is not HD, but my TV is, so I don't care. Again, not using this thing for gaming or blu-ray, so that decision is up to you.


Not reviewable yet: I have not plugged in a USB 3.0 device to this computer, so I can't speak to that. I have also not played any intense games on it. But I will say that Bloons Tower Defense 5 runs fine without any lag. Smiley Happy


Again, overall: I LOVE THIS COMPUTER. I would buy it again despite the cons above. It is fast, awesome, and has great sound. 


I hope that you enjoyed the review. Feel free to ask me any questions or suggest an aspect I forgot to review.


Buh-bye Dell! I will not miss you....


~ Akiva, proud Lenovo convert!





Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

Just posted my review - go check out the last post!
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Re: Lenovo Y480 Review

Thanks Akiva, great review.  I'm keeping the Y480 in the "probably-buy" bin until the 640m LE gets upgraded to a true 640m, but until then, I really appreciate hearing what other owners think.  I'm especially happy to hear the Y480 stays cool -- tell me your impressions about the palm rest...?  I must have sensitive palms, and really hate warming them up while typing!


RE:  the stickers, you peeled them off, no?  Smiley Wink


What's your feeling about the weight of the Y480?  I'll be carrying it daily to work, and occasionaly on long trips/flights.  My current machine is about 3.75 lbs, so I'm curiuos to know what that extra pound will feel like.


Thanks again!



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