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Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS Problems

I am having problems with saving BIOS settings on my Lenovo Y50-70 touch. I am trying to use virtual box so I need the intel virtualization setting turned on. One day my computer crashed and the BIOS reset itself to default settings and since then I can't change any settings. Now my computer frequently freezes up and it will no longer keep accurate time. I believe there is a problem with the CMOS battery but Lenovo support thinks otherwise. Support claims that there is a software problem with Windows.  Does any one have any experience with this?

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS Problems

From  your description it does sound like a CMOS battery problem, but in my experience laptops dont usually have easily removable CMOS.


Just to verify that there is no windows issue -

Open CMD with Admin rights

Type scannow /f

Press Enter and let the command complete, see if any errors are displayed

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS Problems

While it could potentially be a bad CMOS battery, it is very unlikely as the lifespan of these CMOS batteries is very long with modern batteries.


I would first exhaust a software or malicious software issue prior before going that route.  I'd strongly recommend some sort of usb/cd media malware scanner as some forms of stealthed, malware can corrupt the CMOS memory region.  Eset, for example, has the ability to create a bootable media that will scan the system for potentially stealthed malware which scanners post-boot will not be able to see.  It's also important to run these after a full power-off, then boot directly from USB or dvd (F12 key on Lenovo logo) to ensure nothing loads/resident during the scan.


Good luck!

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 BIOS Problems

To add to the battery discussion....... with the Y50-70, the CMOS battery is independent of the motherboard and is connected to the motherboard via a cable.  Once the back cover of the laptop is removed you can easily access the CMOS battery.  The picture on page #37 of the Y50-70's Hardware Maintenance Manual shows the CMOS battery location.  It is near the left top edge of the main battery and is a black disc with a red and black cable.  Here is a link to the manual for your reference.....


What you might consider doing is a hard reset of the CMOS.  Open up the back cover and remove the main battery and then disconnect the CMOS from the motherboard.  Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds and then reconnect the CMOS battery and install the main battery.  Then power up the laptop and see if the problem is resolved.  This will help rule out the information stored in the CMOS being corrupted as a result of the previous crash.


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