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Lenovo Y50-70 Cooling system

Hi , I'm thinking of buying the Lenovo y50-70 , and i dont know why , but im worried about its cooling system. So anyone with the y50-70 can share some personal experience about that would be very nice. The other thing is a cooling pad for the laptop. Ive seen that the vents take air from the bottom, and im curious if I use a cooling pad , wouldnt it blow too much air in the laptop itself?

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 Cooling system

My friend who has the Y50 says that it's a pretty solid cooling system. He has chrome, total war with about 5 thousand entities, a mc server, and minecraft running, for about half the day, and it gets pretty warm, but nothing unbearable. The pad would blow cool air into the air intake fans, so it would cool the device effective. The fans exhaust through the back. Hope this helped.



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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 Cooling system

Hi i dont know in which part of world u live...... But if your ambient temps are in 20-25 C range u have no problem ,yeah all laptops tends to creep up temps over time..... But if you ambient temps are 30+ C you are better off buying another laptop...  About cooling pads most of them are gimmick(reason is lenovo's location of air intake vent is awkward)..... some say cooler master Sf-19 & notepal U3 works great if ambient temps are in 20-30 C range & make the cooling pads fan to diretly blow air to air intake vent of y50.... more than that there wont be any significant change...... Iam victim of cooling problem on my y50 cuz i do live in tropics(INDIA) thats y......... More over to that of buying a laptop do yourself a favour,build a 4 leg stand with soft foam top to keep your laptop elevated which saves more money than buying a cooling pad...... this is best info that anyone can give without voiding warranty... Thrust me Smiley Happy




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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 Cooling system



I reckon this may be a bit late but here's my reassurance over this device too.

I've had this model - 4710 & gtx 860 4g - for about 18 months now. I've ran both Win & Linux OS, solo, dual..even quad boot at a point Smiley Very Happy. I play a couple of games - EVE, NFS, GW2 and all of them run smoothly at almost max detail, which I say is pretty decent.

It gets a bit hot - 50-60 C - after at least 1 hour in full load, maybe the CPU goes a bit higher, depending on the running apps, but the performance drop is minimal.

If you don't intend to hold it on a bed/blanket/ something that would definitely block it's air flow and if you consider the fact that it's an entry level gaming device, thus it's place is on a desk Smiley Very Happy, you have nothing to worry about.

This reply is comming after i just played 3h of NFS16 at full detail & ~ 30-32 fps Smiley Very Happy. The rig was hot but after i took a break, in max 5 minutes the temp was back to normal, around 30 C.

Hope this helps 

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