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Lenovo Y50-70 Fan blowing almost all the time even after cleaning & FPS Lock in-game

Fan Issue

I've cleaned my laptop sometime this month after about two years of use. Popped it open, blew everything, popped it back. I saw a post before posting this about removing the battery before cleaning so i'm considering going back and doing that. I usually keep it running in high performance because I use it for gaming. Core/CPU usage is almost never above 10%, currently sitting at 2%-4%. Memory is usually high because I only have a 500GB SSD, currently at 58%. The other stats (disk, network, and GPU), sit at 0 (although GPU will boost to about 60% when gaming). Currently, I have it in balanced mode and set the maximum core usage to 40% and it's still going strong. Any suggestions? 


Gaming Issue
Also on a side note, if anyone can assist me with a gaming issue I'm having. My computer has a 960 GTX, i74720GQ @ 2.6GHz, and 500 GB SSD (samsung evo--upgraded from 1TB HD) and I'm having issues with my FPS in-game. It locks at 30 or FPS across all games. I do have two GPU's (integrated and 960 GTX) and have always used the GTX as the primary source, uncapped in-game graphics, limited background interference (services, programs, etc.) and possibly other things I can't think of but cannot release the in-game FPS cap. Even when settings are at the lowest settings. In previous times, if I were to uncap, it'd reach above 60 easily consistently but now when it's uncapped, it never goes above 60. One might ask what changed? After upgrading from HDD to SSD, I had to reset my settings and reinstall Win10 so I understand something has changed but I don't understand what since I usually perform the same process I always do as far as optimizing my system (follow youtube videos for optimizing PC for gaming). Not sure if this is significant but when I game, GPU sits at around 60 and not 100%. Could it be a temperature issue (if comp is too hot, it limits performance. I believe i saw this somewhere and made effort to manipulate it). Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 Fan blowing almost all the time even after cleaning & FPS Lock in-game

I can't remember about how to disassembly Y50-70. But did you pull out the heatsink (the gold-ish one)? If you did pull it out maybe it has something to do with thermal paste. Either use a new one on both CPU and GPU Chip or try to scrap some that left on the heatsink and carefully paste them on again. This maybe because the heat not transmitted properly that CPU fan try to spin-up. But since Y50-70 design do not have fan on top of CPU/GPU. it has to transmitted properly from heatsink.


For the GPU issue this may have something to do with Fast-startup. Maybe you should try disable that. But if the problem start at almost the same time as thermal problem. Maybe it is overheat and has to throttling down.

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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 Fan blowing almost all the time even after cleaning & FPS Lock in-game

(1) When I cleaned out my laptop, I watched a few videos beforehand to make sure I didn't mess anything up. Grabbed my compressed air can. I opened the back to reveal the fans, held the fans, sprayed the air. I also sprayed the rest of the laptop just in case dust flew in other places but did so from a distance to avoid potential water damage. I then finished by closing it. That was the full process.

(2) I disabled fast-start up as directed. I did want to test the overheating theory but can't really do so since the fan pretty much starts blowing 30 minutes after startup. Something to mention is that every night, i always shut down my laptop in hopes of preserving it as long as i can to play games but it doesn't seem to change anything since I'm having these issues that's troubling performance and making the overall gaming experience not so enjoyable. Thanks for your assistance!

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