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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y50-70 bios upgrade to 9ECN43WW cause random shutdown on battery

I did a bios upgrade from official site.


There weren't any problems with update.


After update I noticed that from time to time somputer just shut down whithout any information in logs, after restart everything is working.


The problem only exits when I used a battery not AC adapter.


The problem dissapear after BIOS downgrade to:




Just needed to change BIOS seetings to allow downgrade.


The shutdown occured on Windows 8.1 and also Linux openSUSE 13.2

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 bios upgrade to 9ECN43WW cause random shutdown on battery

I ran into a similar problem and noticed the problem while I was in the middle of traveling. I made various changes over time so it was hard for me to determine exactly what was going on at first. These changes included:

1) Replacing Windows 10 with Windows 7
2) Dual booting Gentoo Linux
3) Upgrading firmware to whatever the latest version was at the time
4) Replacing awful stock hard disk with faster SSD

Sometime after all those historical changes, the laptop was shutting down on me while I was in the middle of working while I was runing Gentoo. Assumed that the laptop was overheating, so I started monitoring the heat sensors but didn't notice anything odd. Laptop would suddenly shutdown while I was in the middle of typing on the keyboard.

I figured maybe there was a Linux kernel related problem, so I switched to Windows and was surprised to see the same behavior.

From there I noticed that there was a new firmware update for 3.04, so I upgraded to that but noticed the shutdowns continue.

Installed Windows 10 on the old hard disk and swapped it out, replicated the issue on Windows 10.

Checked firmware again, noticed that Lenovo pulled 3.04 and only offered 3.03, so I downgraded to that with no luck.

Called Lenovo support, they told me to run their support app to analyze the hardware, started getting blue screens of death due to a different issue. (The nvidia gfx driver must be their distribution, current ones from nvidia directly cause a conflict and triggers the BSOD, hard to control since windows 10 forces upgrades for drivers now without your permission).

Anyway, I downgraded the drivers, re-ran the tools and got no errors in the hardware scan report. Great...

Started reading around some forums for a slightly different reason, but noticed a small set of people saying that downgrading to 1.13 firmware fixed their related issue, so I downgraded it and haven't noticed any further issues since then.

I like this laptop simply due to the performance/weight, but I must admit that I've had a really rocky ride with this product. I will probably consider other vendor options when it comes time to replace it.

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 bios upgrade to 9ECN43WW cause random shutdown on battery

i am dealing with this issue too, upgraded bios to 1.13 didnt solve it for me, thought it was heating problem and replace all thermal pads and compounds, back to factory settings, from all the complain i have seen in network about this issue it look like there is a sistematic hardware problem on all lenovo y50-70 model. i have this computer for 1 year and 2 month mine had warranty for only one year so i cannot do with this laptop nothing but maybe use it as a black spot on my table ;0. lenovo is not trying to help nor admit they have problem with this laptop, i wouldnt buy this brand again and will not advice anyone to buy it.

i dont think playing with bios version should be the thing that solve this problem, lenovo should take care of their customers and check whats wrong with this laptop, if it is bios ver then upgrade it to ver that fix this problem. it seems they dont care and dont want to admit there is something wrong with this LAPTOP Y50-70. 


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y50-70 bios upgrade to 9ECN43WW cause random shutdown on battery

I agree i will not buy Lenovo brand again

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