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Lenovo Y50-70 fast heating in games please urgent help

Hello dear forum users, could u help me out? my laptop is heating rreally fast when playing once i start the game its already at 75 Degrees celsius(CPU) and it heats up to 90+ (97 celsius) in 10-15min playing game(like overwatch,battlefield1) both heat at the same time , i had my pc taken to apply thermal paste ( to cpu,gpu) cause i dont know much aBOUT computers they said they applied it but i still get heat when playing i monitor it with msi afterburner graphs, what can i do i dont really understand i read the fforums something is from with heat pipes here :


I dont really undderstand what i need to do to reduce heat with doing something about those heat pipes can someone help me out with pictures of pc and what i clearly need to do please help ... this is realy depressing i cant use my pc at max power without overheating mostly my Cpu is overhheating---- please guys help and i dont really speak english too well so please explain it clearly what i  have to do. Smiley Sad


EDIT: they said it was first time the thermal paste was applied it was stock paste all along in 2years^^^ also i had y510p laptop and i had it returned to change to this laptop my experience with laptops and lenovo is pretty bad i want this sorted out 


EDIT2 : ihad reeinstalled windows 10 same thing happening^_^  what is wrong, the service shop applied thermal paste cleaned everything and i still get heating btw i have gtx 860m , i7 4710Hq 2.5 Ghz to 3.5ghz turbo boost


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