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Lenovo Y50-70 turns on and off on startup

2020-02-16, 16:35 PM

1- Manufacturer and the model name : Lenovo Y50-70, Intel i7-4720HQ, NVIDIA GTX 860M, 16GB RAMe


2- Dtailed error description with symptoms :

When I start the computer, it starts with black screen, fans turning on, disk starting, then everything shuts down after 3-5 seconds in total, then restarts, same thing again with fans turning, and down again, and there goes the start and stop infinite loop.
At first in the first weeks, it would only start and stop for once or twice and then computer would start normally and I can use it. But with time, it took more and more time to start the computer: 4 restarts, 10 restarts, 1 minute, 5 minutes, half an hour, etc. and once, it took 4 hours to start after constant looping. And now, I can't start it anymore, it either entered in a real infinite loop, or the start and stop cycle would need a day or two maybe (according to the escalating behavior it had).
This does not only happen when I start it when it is in a shut down state, but also when it is up and running normally, and I do a restart, or put it in sleep mode. It just shuts down totally instead and tries to start again, and it enters in the start\stop loop again.


3- Under what circumstances the defect / damage occurred


It looked like it came out of the blue. What I remember is that it started happening in a week where I left it open once or twice overnight, maybe something happened while I was asleep ? I've been using the computer for 4 and a half years now, and I kept it running overnight several times, but I never had any similar issues. There were no symptoms of something coming, otherwise I would have noticed.

4- Was the device in other repair shop? If yes what diagnosis has been detected?


Not really. Haven't been to a repair shop, but did my diagnostics by myself: I'm a computer engineering student, and I know my way around computers a bit, so I did all I could think of and with the tools in hand:
*Software : When I was able to have access to the computer (when it used to only loop once or twice) I used lenovo diagnostic tools, as well as windows tools, and various manufacturer specific tools (like Intel, Nvidia, etc.). All of them were always saying that everything was fine and the system was absolutely flawless and up to date.
I also did a full windows reinstall, which did absolutely nothing to resolve the problem, it was just back to square one, only with a fresh install of windows and an empty disk.
*Hardware: Did all the reset types: Soft, hard reset, weird things by resetting without cmos or 1 ram stick, etc.

Also tried to isolate each component to see if any of them was faulty (disk, RAM, fans, speakers, etc.), but for all of them, it was always the same result. I even kept only the motherboard and a just one RAM stick (basically bare metal motherboard, without anything else but power on button, RAM stick, and AC). Yet the same result, infinite start and stop loop. Something important too, is that I never had any beeping sound when an important piece is taken off.
NOTICE: I did not do any soldering or anything of that sort, as my tools and knowldege are limited.

I think none of the single components has anything to do with, since on the rare occasions the computer starts, I can use it like nothing happened, even play video games on high settings.


5- Had the device a fall? If yes how hefty? From wath height?

Never fell. I moved it quite a bit, since it is a laptop, but never in a bad manner. Always dealt with it gently.


This thing is driving me crazy as I need the computer right now, and I can't afford a new one.


I saw some people talking about some kind of bios reflashing with a bootable usb and using the Fn+B button on startup or something like that, but I have bad feelings about it and would only consider it as a last resort.


Any help would be appreciated, especially if the bios has something to do with this, and the ability to reflash it.

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