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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y50-70

Hi everybody i am new to the forum and i' not sure the protocol or how things generally work.


My problem is i have just bought a Lenovo Y50/70 the 16GB one with 4GB graphics. The graphics are generally good but when i go in to device manager and look at the list of components the text seems blured a little and not very sharp, also i would like to know which graphics card my computer is actually using to run.  I have put the GPU activity icon in my system tray but when ever i hover the mouse cursor over it it says none? Does anybody else have the same issues? Could anybody tell me how to be certain what graphics card i am using because it is driving me crazy? Also any advice i bought the Lenovo Y510P with the extra graphics card so it was SLI compatible, basically id like to know in eneral what peoples oppinion are of the 2 laptop? Whch do you think is the better laptop? And why? My head is in a real mess and i'm kinda worrying weather to through the towel in and go and buy an ibook pro instead?


Id appreciate anybodys oppinion no matter how big or small?




Gareth B

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