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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y50 Charger & Warranty void

I opened my lenovo y50 cover to check the inside if there is any problem with it and also cleaning it from visible dust. I didn't clean major hardwares of my laptop for example the motherboard and fan (i trust the laptop feature for this one). My battery is not charging even after i plugged the charger in 3 different working socket. About 3 hours ago the wall socket which i always use to charge my laptop got a small explosion (not sure why). I think that is the problem that caused the charger (maybe the battery too ?) to fail. Will the warranty cover this ? I still have like 1 year of warranty. But since I have opened the laptop cover will the warranty void ? Or maybe cleaning the laptop's internal hardwares will also void the warranty ? 


*Sorry if my English is bad.

Really need an answer as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Y50 Charger & Warranty void

Just send it in to repair center or if there is a local depot take it in. Its up to them. It DEPENDS !!
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