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Lenovo Y50 Keys auto typing / not working / repeats last key



I recently changed my keyboard and bought a new one for my Lenovo Y50... For first few days there was no issues and around a week later, the keyboard randomly started pressing DOWN ARROW KEY...
Pressing the arrow key again solved the problem....

After 3 days later i found that 9 key doesnt work....

Now 5mins ago while i was using it the O key stopped working..

I opened the case, removed the keyboard cable, checked for anything fault and reinserted the cable... Now its typing *********** and pressing the 8 key doesnt solve the problem... 2-3mins latere its gone for now.


The weird part is that they 9 and O key actually works BUT not in a way its supposed to work.... If i press , lets say X and while holding X key if i press 8 key and while holding 8 , i press O key, it will repeat the 8 key.


Now its writing ****** all over and i cant stop it.... How can it even type * without writing 8? * comes only when you hold shift+8 key but somehow my keyboard is spamming ***************** all over...


 Edit : Restarted now entire keyboards is dead but pressing fn+space turns on/off backlit... 



Edit 2: Now the entire keyboard works including key 9...but now O key is dead and keyboard is spamming *****



Any help is appreciated !

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