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Lenovo Y50 charger replacement issue

The charger for my Lenovo Y50 stopped working a couple of weeks ago, and the shop sent it in for me and i got a new because of warranty. However, after i got home and opened it, i realised this is not the same one i originally had...


I used a 20V 6.75A that came with the laptop. Now they gave me a replacement that is 20V 4.5A. So when i do plug it in i get a message that the adapter has limited support and performance will be affected if the power adapter cannot provide enough charge. I went back to the shop and the guy at the counter said it did not matter and told me not to worry...


Thoughts? Can it harm my laptop if i use the 90W instead of the 135W?  Am i not supposed to get the same 135W charger when its on warranty?  It seems very odd to me.

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Re: Lenovo Y50 charger replacement issue

Dahh it does matter. There isn't enough power to run the notebook at full performance. You do need a 6.75A for sure!!! Talk to the manager at the shop. Whoever you spoke to understands nothing about electronics.
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