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Lenovo Y50 overheats when charging (except when in sleep mode)

I recently purchased a Lenovo Y50 4k recently and have had some strange issues while charging. I've looked at other posts about overheating and have tried numerous things, but not have seemed to work.


The problem occurs when charging the laptop. After about 5 seconds it starts to smell like burning rubber, then after about 45 seconds the bottom left side of the keypad (ctrl, shift, caps lock, a, z, fn buttons) gets extremely hot to the touch. Eventually, it becomes too hot to even touch and I have to unplug the laptop.


The only solution I have found to this, is to plug the laptop in while it is either off or in sleep mode, then either turning it on or brining it out of sleep mode. If I do this, it charges just fine.


I have checked the temperatures and they seem to be normal. I bought a cooling pad, and while that helps with overall heating, it does nothing for this specific issue. I have changed the power management settings and nothing worked. I took it down to Best Buy and had them run diagnostics and everything came back fine. They even checked the charging cable to make sure it wasn't an issue with that.


Has anyone had any experience with this? This is really frustrating and I should not be running into these issues on a brand new (and not terribly cheap) laptop.



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Re: Lenovo Y50 overheats when charging (except when in sleep mode)

What is the ambient temparature in your area.... Can u also tell me wether something is taxing ur CPU,go check from taskmanager if u feel heat is high..... And also the temparature of Both CPU & GPU.....


Because there is only 4 possibility for overheating of laptop,

1.There may some software or malware that is taxing your CPU....

2.Problem with PSU itself...

3.Problem regarding Heatsink/Fans/Thermal paste.....

4.High ambient or room temparature....




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Re: Lenovo Y50 overheats when charging (except when in sleep mode)

Hi iamkali,


We have the very same issue with a Y50-70 bought in Dubai and brought to Australia.  I have been trying to have this issue resolved through Lenovo customer service.  The machine has been picked up and returned from the service depot at least four times in the past 5 months!!!  The repairer in Sydney replaced the motherboard in February 2016, and since then we have been unable to charge the machine and it gets hot to the point of burning in the area you mention on the keyboard, as well as smelling.  I understand it's a fault with the charging circuit on the motherboard.  


I have tried getting a contact number for Lenovo management in Australia, to no avail (seems like they're hiding from us).  I have warned Lenovo that this is a potential fire or electrocution hazard, and that if the matter isn't resolved in the next week, I will be referring the 50+ emails I have about this to consumer affairs and the TV networks.  I'm about to post AGAIN on their facebook page to see if anyone gives a @@##.

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Re: Lenovo Y50 overheats when charging (except when in sleep mode)

Hi Kamal,


The issue is not with the CPU, which is closer to the right hand side of the keyboard.  The power inlet is what's causing the problem.  This is becoming a common issue in many forums I have read....




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