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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y50

Hi everyone, this topic is mainly reaching out to Lenovo Y50 owners or people who have knowledge of the laptop. I will be purchasing the non touch model at the end of the week and I wanted to know if there are any major issues I should know about the laptop. I will be using this laptop mainly for gaming and college work. Thanks in advance
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y50

oh god i hope i'm not too late.  don't buy a Y50.  i've had massive game breaking problems with mine(terrible stuttering that makes competive gameplay undoable)  and i've scoured the internet for fixes and nothing takes care of the problem.  plus lenevo doesn't really respond to these forums for help and their help phone line is awful.  but you could get lucky and buy a working one.  don't be like me and just throw away 1300 dollars.  but at least i know to never buy from Lenovo again. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y50

Hey sadhiggings thank you for the response. I recently got my Y50 and I gotta say I've had no problems so far, love it. I hope you can find some solutions for your Y50
Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo Y50

Hi RazTaz,

I'm also a very satisfied Y50 owner with the 4k uhd, 16gb and 256gb SSD options, non-touch.


If you have the 4k display it can be tricky with many games.  I've found that ensuring they will use the NVIDIA vs. the Intel integrated is the first thing to check, which can be done by right-clicking on the game executable and seeing what the default adapter is:


Click here to view image


As you can see from this example, it will run on the integrated and not the GTX.  You can select "Change default graphics processor" which launches the NVIdia control panel and try changing the settings for this executable to use the faster GTX.


Other than that, I love my Y50 and even can play Battlefield 4 all details cranked at 1080. Not much can run smoothly at 4k though, which can be expected with the GTX860M.


My only beef with the laptop is the touchpad.  All my older Lenovo's (mainly Thinkpads) had superior touchpads, but any serious gamer is going to plug in a mouse anyways.  I just wish they would have made a better touchpad as otherwise this has been a perfect laptop for me.


Good luck and enjoy your new toy. Smiley Happy


Mod's Edit: Image converted to link due to exceeding 100k


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y50

Hey Stevepa,
 I would like to know if you're having difficulty to play games at HD resolution with you laptop despite the locked 48hz. I was initially going to buy this laptop because of the amazing price range and the gaming performance it gives out. My only drawback at the moment is the locked resolution. IF they get it fixed, even for the 1080p, I'll be glad to buy this gaming laptop.

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo Y50

I actually have no issues with the 48hz display with the exception of Battlefield 2, which is brain dead in respect that it needs to initialize at 800x600@60hz for that first launch.  There are no other games out there that I have encountered that do this.


I have no issues personally gaming at 48hz.  With VSYNC on at 1920x1080@48hz, most games sit solid on 48 fps versus connecting an external monitor and having them dip to 30fps often to keep synch'd.  The 860m is decent videocard but keep in mind it's about as powerful as an older, desktop Radeon 6970 or so from my experience with it.  Good, but not "solid 60fps at 1080" good, so the 48hz display is a good match for it.


Games like Defense Grid and a few others can dish out good framerate at 4k.  Most others, a 48fps VSYNC works perfectly for me... and this coming from an old timer quake/quake2 player that always squeezed as close to 120-140 fps in the CRT days for the mouse->framerate latency tightness.  48hz feels very tight for some reason on this laptop.


Edit- there are many tutorials on how to unlock 60hz on this laptop but I have found no need to do so.  We  may likely see a patch soon as it appears to be linked to the Intel integrated drivers moreso than the GTX.


Hope that helps!

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Y50

Where are the tutorials?
Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo Y50

Thats a very interesting point you bring up stevepaw. I always wondered why my World of Tanks game went down to 60fps when I used to pop out 100fps months into my new laptop. This is my 5-6th month anniversary with my laptop Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

Y50-70 i7-4720HQ - 16GB Ram - 1TB HDD Win 8.1 - 4GB-860 GTX
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Re: Lenovo Y50

I'll see you mine

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