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Re: Lenovo Y500 and Optimus

my trackpad starting acting up at work when I was on battery along with the keyboard, apparently when you have the USB off charge enabled in BIOS the keyboard starts acting up and typing random stuff with CRTL enabled, and today the trackpad jumped all over the place, man this is the 2nd lenovo laptop I own that has an inferior trackpad, I wonder why can`t lenovo just opt for High quality trackpads, I mean they are already doing a great jop in keyboard, to me better than rival asus and HP laptop why not complete the package with a great trackpad, its not like I use it much but am not going to carry my g700 with me where ever I go mobile and a find a surface to use it on.
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Re: Lenovo Y500 and Optimus

tbh, i am quite hopeful that they get optimus sorted out. right now i am under the impression that optimus is locked away because it wont work with SLI, and they intend to unify the devices by locking it away, SLI or not.

Since the ultrabay isnt hot swapable in the first place, i am still kinda hopeful that they will allow optimus to run when it detects that the second card isnt inserted.

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