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Lenovo Y500 and mSATA Samsung 860 Evo 500GB

I want to upgrade my Y500 (Win10, i7 3630Q, 16GB RAM, GT750 SLI) with the SSD on mSATA.


After two days of struggle I managed to clone everything to SSD with Data Migration Tool from Samsung. The issue were: SSD was not recognized, BIOS did not show anything, etc.


Now, I have the following issue: the laptop does not start properly with either of the disks (whether both are mounted, only HDD, only SSD). Fans are working on 100%, but the laptop is not even warm. I have to dismount the battery and unplug the laptop for at least 5 minutes and then I can start the laptop ONCE either to BIOS with OKR or to Windows with Power button. After exiting BIOS the laptop behave as I described with the fans working on 100%, after exting Windows or restarting it the effect is the same.


I have not idea how to tackle the issue. The laptop has been working flawlessly for almost 6 years, no issues at all!

I beg for help.




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