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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y510P keyboard loss of communication

Like the title said... I have a  750m SLI Lenovo Y510P with some weird keyboard problem... for some reason sometimes it just stops working or at least stops communicating with the system cause its mechanical features work fine like backlight dimmer and such... more than a problem is an nuisance cause the only way to make it work again is either a hard reboot or making the laptop go to sleep and then waking her up again otherwise it wont respond any more... what could it possibly be? now just in case your wondering its running windows 10 (yeah I know... I regret the upgrade but Im too lazy to go back at least until I get a big enough hdd to backup my stuff) its also been kind of abused not in a bad way buts its kind of a gaming/working station with intense use... days on complete power up without rest... hard reboots... even now while typing this they keyboard stopped working... think it this way if my laptop was a car... it would be the 24hr of lemans mixed with WRC rally challenge at the same time but other than the keyboard its still going strong

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