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Lenovo Y510p - Power Adapter Replacement



So 6 years after i bought my PC, I'm having to replace the power adapter after the wire got cut and the service people are now saying that there's a adapter voltage issue as well and hence they're not being able to replace it. 

Anyhow, was looking to see how much a new, original, adapter would cost but I just cannot seem to find the right one ANYWHERE?! Even Amaon

Based on the Hardware Manual, this is the one that came with my PC:
120W, Delta ADP-120LH BA 19.5V6.15Aadapter - CCC (PN - 36200400) (Also attached an image of my adapter that mentions the specs). What would happen if I use any of the other adapters mentioned there (specifically thr 90W ones?) 


List of Compatible Adapters - y510p.PNG
Now, ALL the chargers with the same 5x2.5mm pin are 65W on the Lenovo site. Be super if someone can confirm this as well? Can't find any official documentation that deals with the dimensions of the pin! Mine clearly says 120W (170W if Ultrabay is attached too). Amazon does have a few but they're more than double the price of the 65W ones mentioned on the official store. 
Be awesome if someone here can link me to an adapter they purchased (pref original Lenovo adapters) and provided it's working fine.


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