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Lenovo Y570 Minecraft Lag

Hello, I have a lenovo Y570
8GB Memory, 500GB HardDrive
Nvidia 555m 1.5 GB, Intel i7
I've been having lag issues only on minecraft when I join server with a big buildings, my fps dropped from 25 to 8 without Optifine.
With Optifine with the settings it dropped from 15 FPS:
Graphics: Fast
Fog: Off
Mipmap: Max, Nearest
Distance: Short +16
SmoothFPS: On
FPSLevel: Max FPS
I will get around 50 FPS with this Optifine setting, I am kind of sad that my laptop lags if it plays on normal or far distance it dropped to around 20 FPS with Optifine.
My Friend have a lenovo laptop also but it's not Y, he have ATI and when he plays on minecraft with:
Graphic: Fast
Distance: Far
He gets around 35 FPS, he said my laptop should be better than his.
My laptop frames only occurs in Minecraft when I'm playing Red Crucible 2, 3D FPS shooting game it does not lag it works smoothly. I can run videos with 4080p with no lag.
My other computer have:
Intel Pentium 4
Nvidia 630m 2 GB
6 GB Memory, 1 TB Hardrive
It is slightly better than my lenovo Y570, when it joins huge server with big Buildings it is 30 FPS and the gameplay is around 60 FPS, but it lags from around 15 FPS when it plays Red Crucible 2. I supposed the only problem is Minecraft that it is doing kind of bad at. I really want to play on Far and use my own custom settings and enjoy the game without such lags.

Thank you
Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Y570 Minecraft Lag

I think it's due to CPU and GPU throttling due to heat.


Monitor your temps and CPU and GPU frequency with Real Temp and GPU-Z respectively.


Once both monitoring software is installed, do replicate the settings I posted below:


For the Real temp program, to find the text file where it stores the information, just open the real temp folder and open "RealTempLog.txt"


When opening the log files, For GPU-Z look at the temperature column as well as the GPU core clock and memory clock. If it decreases while gaming, it's throtlling. For Real Temp, look at the "MHz" and temperature. Again, if the MHz drops sharply, it's throttling.




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Re: Lenovo Y570 Minecraft Lag

Monitor your temps as the other guy said.

However, not that every game comes with the clause 'it may or may not work with mobile versions of these chipsets and they're unsupported)

If your temps are ok I suggest you move to Minecraft forums and ask there.

Warm regards,
Jonas Hendrickx

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