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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Y580 charging problems


I have huge problem which is driving me nuts. My laptop isn't charging well. It randomly disconnects AC adaptor. I'll try to discribe this situation in detail:

First time it was about 6 months ago. I was using my laptop without battery (i think i was playing Skyrim or something) and my laptop just turn off (immediately, just black screen and completly off at that point). I thought it was no big deal, so i powered up laptop again and enjoyed my gameplay. After few days it happened again. And it was happening often and often. Until my laptop started doing this even when i was using word or surfing the web or even wasn't doing anything. Then i plugged my battery in. What i realized, that my laptop just disconnect AC and at the front/bottom where the indication lights are, the solid white battery light (2nd from left) turns into blinking red/orange. So i plug off AC and stick it right back and laptop is charging again. But i can't do this everytime it happens, it is really frustrating and messes with laptop's performance.

Basically i can't use my laptop normaly. Somethimes it stays powered half of day without any faults (ofcourse i'm not talking about gaming, i forgot it long time ago), sometimes it disconnect charging 2-3 times per minute.

Here is what i tried to do:

-Clean everything inside my laptop (dust, dirt)

-Reinstall Windows

-Reapply thermal compound

-Power drain (when battery and AC isn't plugged and laptop is turned off, you hold power buttom for about 30 sec)

-Voltage check on AC adaptor

-Voltage check from AC jack to connection to motherboard

I can't find anything. So maybe someone encountered this problem or have a solution for this? I really need help Smiley Happy Thank You Smiley Happy

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Re: Lenovo Y580 charging problems

Two things that can cause this.

1. Your charger is defective. The wires are no longer connecting that properly.
2. The plug of your laptop is faulty.

Since your laptop is already more than 2 years old. There are no more spare parts for your charger.

You might have to send your laptop to a Lenovo Service Center, or other verified repair shops out there to figure it out what's wrong.
What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y580 charging problems

But the adapter is fine, wires that connect AC and motherboard are fine too. So i really don't it causes it.

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