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Lenovo Y580 serious battery life issues

Good afternoon guys!

I bought a Y580 about a week ago, and from the very start the battery life has been much below what it's supposed to be.

According to the reviews (not specs, actual real world tests) the battery lasts about 4 to 5 hours on web browsing over wi-fi. Mine lasts about 1.5 hours to maybe 2 hours, with wi-fi disabled, GFX card off, almost no CPU usage, and screen dimmed to 1/4 brightness. In other words I'm typing a document, and barely seeing what I'm typing.

I have tried:
- Stopping all unnecessary processes.
- Making sure graphics card is not running.
- Dimmed screen a lot.
- Read tons of reviews confirming my battery life is not near the average.
- Turned all the options I could find to power saver mode, including Lenovo's software, windows battery settings, etc.

It's idling temp also varies from 45C to 55C, and 90C max on Prime95. But after much research this seems to be quite normal. I have also realized the battery doesn't charge to the "100% fully charged" state anymore, it reaches 99% and stays there. Even when I let it sleep to charge.


Here is what battery care is saying, for some reason it charges more than the deisgn capacity. Is this causing the battery meter to read inacurate battery levels? Or what else can I do to try and solve this issue?


Battery Info.JPG

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