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Lenovo Y70-70 Touch GTX 960M version BSOD and Driver nightmare

Thank you in advance to anyone that can solve this issue/s, as it's causing no end of headaches, right at the end of my Degree course. On Saturday 7th of May my laptop was working fine, I frequently use it for 3D modelling, rendering, Adobe suite programmers (mostly photoshop), recording and editing videos, and I occasionally play mid-level games. All of these are relatively high demanding tasks, but 99% of the time my Y70-70 Touch has been able to handle them all, quite often at the same time, with no issues. The evening of the next day, my Graphics driver for BOTH my Intel 4600 and 960M started failing, an annoyance but not terribly dehabilitating. A couple of hours later, my laptop started fritzing out BAD, i think I had around 7 or 8 different BSOD (Driver Power State Failure, Watchdog Violation, Video TDR Failure, Memory Management and a couple of others that I can't remember) these codes were also often, but not always, accompanied by the message 'Kernel Mode Driver Has Stopped Responding And Recovered' (or along those lines) for my GTX card (current version 354.35 at time of writing, although I have tried other versions to no avail). 


These issues only happened when using either Sony Vegas Pro 13 or Autodesk Inventor 2015 at the start, so I resigned myself to stop using them until the end of my degree, when I could then send it off. However after another day these problems started happening regularly when using any programme, or just sitting at the desktop, with nothing running. I've trawled forums all week, thought I found fixes, only to be hit with disappointment when a BSOD happens or  Display crash freezes my display. I've currently tried: Factory resetted TWICE, system restored twice (one time to a couple of months ago when all was fine and dandy), updated every single driver through device manager, uninstalled my display drivers, and tried various other drivers instead of the most recent that people with similar issues said would work, uninstalled GeForce Experience, Uninstalled all virus software, scanned for malware, installed Lenovo recommended drivers, installed Intel and Nvidia recommended drivers (in and around factory resets, safe mode boot ups and system restores). None of these  fixes have worked. Installing a windows 10 driver direct from an Intel zip file and updating my mouse drivers bought 6-8 hours with no crashed, but then it reverted to a hellish amount of crashes.


I've also used CMD prompt to sfc /scannow my system, didn't seem to find any errors, I've played with the settings in both the Intel and Nvidia control panel to settings that have worked for other people... I'm sure there's things I've tried that I've forgotten to mention, but at this point I'm at my wits end. I'd rather not lose my laptop for two weeks, and pay postage, if it's something that can be fixed. At this point the only things I haven't tried are changing the BIOS and registry settings, I don't want to change the memory settings in the BIOS as this will hurt performance which is important to me. i haven't tried the registry, because it's not something I'm experienced in. I also don't have the .dmp files, as i can't stay logged on for long enough without a BSOD error. 


just sitting here now (on a uni computer) my laptop's graphics driver has failed 3 times, and BSOD twice. I think i'd owe my sanity to anyone that can fix this. 


Thanks, and regards.




EDIT: Other errors i recieved: Video Scheduler


EDIT: i managed to get rid of some error codes, but it's only made others more frequent, the ones I'm getting now for the most part, are the VIDEO_SCHEDULER and DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE codes.

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