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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Y70-70 boot failed

Bout a year ago my laptop buggered out on me. Gave me a 

  • EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (F0-76-1c-1b-05-A2) boot failed

Pretty stupid. After drooling through forums, I've decided to just list everything I've done. 


  • I booted the laptop. it loaded to the "Lenovo" title, went black, displayed checking media_ in the upper left hand corner, then displayed EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (F0-76-1c-1b-05-A2) boot failed. 
  • i pressed [ok], it went black, displayed checking media_ in upper left hand corner, and displayed EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (F0-76-1c-1b-05-A2) boot failed then Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Insert Recovery Media and Hit any key
  • I pressed [ok] and it loaded the Boot manager gave me the EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (F0-76-1c-1b-05-A2) and IPv6
  • Pressed [ok], gave me EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (F0-76-1c-1b-05-A2) boot failed
  • Pressed [ok], displayed No bootable device--Please restart system
  • Turned off and on again. Same thing
  • Turned off and on and mashed F2 for BIOS
  • Go over to "Boot". "Boot Mode" is in [UEFI]. "USB Boot" [Enabled]. "PXE Boot to LAN" [Enabled]. 
  • Switched "Boot Mode" to [Legacy Support].
  • "Boot Priority" is [UEFI]
  • F10 to save and exit 
  • Flashes PXE-E61 : Media test failure. Check cable then PXE-M0F : Exiting PXE ROM
  • turn off/on back to BIOS
  • "Boot Priority" to [Legacy First]. SATA HDD first in boot order, then network boot
  • F10 s/e
  • Same PXE message
  • Off/on back to BIOS
  • Disable "USB boot". I have no device connected
  • F10
  • PXE again
  • BIOS
  • Disable "PXE boot to LAN" 
  • F10
  • Displays No bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key
  • pressed enter, same message
  • Back to BIOS
  • Re-enabled "USB boot" and "PXE Boot to LAN"
  • Decided to load Network Boot before SATA HDD 
  • F10
  • Same PXE message also displaying No bootable device message. 
  • Back to BIOS
  • Pressed F9 for setup default 
  • Turned laptop off

At this point the Internet told me my HDD could have a bad connection or just be bad in of itself. So i disconnected it, cleaned it a bit, reconnected it, did everything again, AAANNNNNDDDD nothing new. I tried using the onekey recovery button to factory reset, but pressing System Recovery leads me nowhere except back to the top of the process. 


With my petty knowledge of how computers work, I've concluded that my HDD is, in fact, dead. If anyone in the "professional" category (that made it through my terrible writing skills) would like to give some pointers, it'd be much appreciated

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Re: Lenovo Y70-70 boot failed

I think bad disk is most likely.  I don't have that model to try, but I think if you make this kind of usb drive on another machine, it should run on your computer.



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