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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA Graphiccard problems

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I bought the y700-15 w/ 8GB RAM, nVidia 960M and i5 processor. so after all that windows 10 updating stuff and deleting some bloatware i decided to download some games from steam. Garry's mod, GTA IV and GTA IV DLC's. Garry's mod works just fine (of course on Ultra settings Smiley Wink ) but when i started GTA IV it didn't let me change anything in the graphic options. It immediatly jumps back to 800x600. i can't change a thing. Down to the bottom of that graphics settings it says that i'm using 220MB/100MB storage. Even though NVIDIA says that GTA is using the 960 i think it still uses the INTEL HD graphics. 
Before buying any other game, can somebody help me, please?

(sorry for bad english, i'm germanSmiley Wink )

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA Graphiccard problems

1. Have you updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIA. The latest is 365.10

2 Try disabling the Intel graphics card via device manager to force it to use the NVIDIA card to see if that fixes your gaming problem

3. You might want to increase your memory up to 16GB, because that maybe a limiting factor in that game

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA Graphiccard problems

I talked to the Lenovo Support on phone yesterday. He guided me through the "NVIDIA GeForce Experince"-App-Settings and once I optimize a game via the app everything runs great. And i even had to set the nvidia as primary GPU in the nvidia system preferences.

EDIT: I should have the latest driver. The first thing i did after unboxing and firing up that beauty was updating everything but i will check later after work.

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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA Graphiccard problems

The problem with GTA 4 is that it was a terrible port for the PC.


It needed setting up NVIDIA as the primary GPU and even some other extra settings to get it going due to all the Windows Live service issues.

I have an SLI setup and it was a pain to get it working on optimal settings. The usage statistics you see within game at the bottom of Settings screen is just telling you how much current GTA is using (not what your system is offering).


Anyways, it seems like you fixed the issue. Let me know if you have any other question I have finished GTA 4 some time back.

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