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Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA slow

Hey everyone!

Two days ago i bought the Y700-15 w/ 8GB RAM, i5 @2.60GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, Windows 10.
I noticed that, and i don't know why, because only 2 or 3 apps are running, it gets slow pretty quick. Checked CPU and GPU meter and Task Manager. Couldn't figure out why but there are many background actions going on. 
Due to the fact that I'm new to windows (formerly mac-user) 1. I don't know how and 2. which (bloatware) apps i can shut down and/or deinstall. 

For example: CS:GO runs perfectly, GTA:IV is lagging and i alwas have to switch some graphics options when i start the game until walls appear and stuff like that.

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Re: Lenovo Y700-15 NVIDIA slow

GTA 4 is one of those PC games which need tweaks/settings in order to run stable. Do you have any other games (other than CS:GO)?


Can you please open Task Manager and post screenshots -

1) In Idle Mode

2) With some chrome tabs open

3) Watching youtube etc


Does your laptop lag during Tasks 2 and 3 above?

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