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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Y700-17ISK overheating

Firstly, sorry for my English (I'm from Belarus)


I have this laptop about 1 year. Every month i must change thermal paste. As soon as I applied the thermal paste, the temperature of the CPU and the GPU are good. Reach 75 degrees, but no more. Month later, i have 85-90 degrees at the CPU and 75-80 at the GPU. After a while, the CPU temperature reaches 99 and starts throttling. If I replace it again, good temperature come back. This happens in almost all games (Overwatch, Battlefield 4, GTA 5, CS GO (but this command helps me fps_max 120) at low-medium settings)


Why? Manufacturer of thermal grease assures that it can not be changed for 5 years.


Lenovo Y700-17ISK (i7 with gtx960m)

BIOS v35

Thermal grease - Arctic Cooling MX4

No cooling pad, always on the desk

Bit Torrent
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Re: Lenovo Y700-17ISK overheating

Make sure you are not applying too much thermal paste, for if you do, the point of contact is too thick, and the heat transfer will actually be poorer than it wold be with less.    Over time, even the best thermal paste will harden slightly and not transfer heat effectively as it once did.   All you need is just enough to make the two surfaces mate cleanly so heat will transfer easily... basically just enough to fill the small pores between the two surfaces...   A little goes a long way...  

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