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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

@wolf1616 wrote:

Hi, I had exactly the same problem. I upgrade my laptop with a Samsung 840 Evo SSD. (Windows 8.1)

I replaced the original HDD with new SSD. I used Data migration from samsung - all working.

Then i put original HDD (was formated) in caddy and replaced CD/DVD slot.

Starting windows is never-ending with Lenovo logo on screen.


SOLUTION IS VERY SIMPLE, just a regular update bios.


I used this bios update and now all works Smiley Happy


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue


The last BIOS update finally solved the issue - it works for me also!

Core Memory
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

Hi, I encountered the same problem, I tried several times but without success. I will update BIOS to see if that will solve the problem.


Thank you!

Core Memory
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

It is working like a charm after update the BIOS. I replaced the ODD with SSD in caddy and I let the SSHD in his place, to have a better ventilation. After installing Win 8.1x64 on SSD (UEFI GPT formated, fast boot enabled in BIOS) with all updates I noticed a huge difference in the speed of the computer than it was with OS installed on SSHD.

Thank you wolf1616.

Thank you Lenovo for drivers update, waiting for others.
What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

Thank you very much wolf1616 .... updated bios and everything works fine now :-)

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

I have Kingstone SV100S2 SSD and Lenovo Z50-70 laptop.

My laptop don't stable boot from my SSD. I update my bios on v.91 and still have problem.

I replased my HDD and ODD whith SSD, I tryed all combination - but it don't stable boot whith SSD, but unproblem boot from HDD.

If my SSD is unboot - second drive - it'll visible and usable in windows.

If i make SSD boot - it will disaper. I mast reboot 8-10 time for it stay visible.

I want use my laptop whith SSD - what can i do?

Please help me!

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

The BIOS link is dead, can anyone upload it or give a live URL? I updated to a version called ID: ACLUAB, version 9BCN91WW, but it did not fix. I have a HDD in the drive caddy (It has lights so there is connection and the disk is working). Thank you.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

HI, bought Samsung evo 850 SSD and its not working in Lenovo z50-70. Tried with usb 3.0 Dock station, winodws does not regognize and in device list usb is unregocnized. 


Tried with HDD port, does not find disk. Tried to install new firmware from, after boot disk is not found. 


Bios 9bcn91ww.exe is installed. 


What is next step to test?? 


Core Memory
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

Hi mokelo,

first, replace the SSD with your old HDD which worked before, check if this one is recognized and your Z50-70 booting properly. If affirmative, your laptop is just fine. Connect the SSD as external device on USB port. If it is recognized you can shutdown your laptop, remove battery, replace the HDD with SSD, put back the battery and boot up your device. Everything should be fine, no reason to don't be recognized by Z50-70.


If your SSD is not recognized as external USB device or internal storage device, it is possible to be damaged during firmware update. Did you read and respect Samsung instructions before update: "3. The SSD must be connected to the system at all times with stable power being supplied during the firmware update process. If the SSD device cable is disconnected or power is shut down during the firmware update process, the SSD may be permanently damaged or rendered inoperable."  

Are you sure the update was designed for your Samsung EVO 850?


Hope you will succed, let us know. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 SSD issue

Teşekkürler. Dostum. Harikasın


Google translated.......


Thank you. Mate. you're great



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