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Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Power

Good Evening,


I purchased a Lenovo Z50-70 a year and five months ago, It has been running perfectly fine until yesterday evening. I had left it unattended for approximately 3 hours plugged in charging, when I returned I was using it for around 15 mins and then I noticed that the battery was low (even tho it was 5% battery it was saying 2 mins to fully charge), it then turned off and refused to restart until I unplugged the AC but when I plugged the AC in once it had started it just turned off. I tried the power button solution that was posted (press 10 times in 30 seconds) and restarted the Laptop, it started fine and I plugged the AC in and it stayed on but the battery led was flashing orange (Still would not charge) and then the battery ran out and the Laptop turned off and I can't get it to work now. I have tried to use the laptop with just the AC but it will not work. I have ordered a new battery hopefully that will work but I am wondering if it should aleast work on just the AC for the moment.  

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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Power

The power flee solution is to -

Shutdown the laptop ** Disconnect all power supply ** Then Press the power button for 30-40 seconds continuously.


If the laptop is not working on AC, then it could either be faulty charger or a problem with motherboard (connection).

You should try a spare charger (instead of a new battery).

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Re: Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Power

I have received the replacement AC Adapter (Genuine Lenovo), have tried it in the machine with no luck. Both Adapters have a low buzz when plugged in so I don't think an AC Adapter problem, I am currently waiting on a new Battery to be delivered so I can double check that it's not the current battery. I have also opened the Laptop to have a look at the connection and motherboard and there are no visable problems. If the Battery does not work would Lenovo be able to fix even if it is out of Warranty (I would need to take Hard Drive out as it contains sensitive data).

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