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Lenovo Z50-75 CPU underclocking

Hello, i just recently bought Z50-75, A10-7300 and R6-255DX 2Gb, and after installing CPUZ and Overdrive i see that my cpu works @2,7 GHz only when its not under any load, or if it is under light load. The moment i launch more cpu intensive task, cpu underclocks immediately to 1,9 GHz or even lower! Power managment is set to high performance, i have lot of experience with computers, so i dont think it is a user error. Laptop is NOT overheating nor does it have any other issues. Even disabling crossfire and running a dedicated graphic(which works fine) does not help at all. Nor does underclocking discrete graphics when using crossfire. CPU just keeps underclocking itself. Is there a way to keep turbocore running @2,7 GHz, or did i effectively buy a 1,9Ghz proccesor?? I have no problem with my other lap-top with A8-4500m which has speed locked to 2,3GHz using turbocore. Thank you for your support

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