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Paper Tape
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Re: DVD not working

Excelent news Itanic!!


Haven't tried yet, but will very soon.


Tks a lot!!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: DVD not working

I cannot believe this problem is marked as solved when;


1: You have to spend money

2: Have to take your machine apart

3: Have to reinstall Windows


You are having a laugh arent you Smiley Surprised

Blue Screen Again
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Re: DVD not working

Hi guys. Its a simple fix for this but your not going to like it. actually its complete bs. Especcially that my z50-75 came pre-installed with Windows 10 and I just paid Lenovo 500 dollars cash money. ok. Go to the Windows Store. Buy the 15.00 DVD app from Windows. Install it. Bam. Done.



Fing crooks.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo Z50-75 - DVD not working

OMG. Posted the answer and it disapeared. Ok one more time. I have the fix. Ok First open the Windows Store App. Then Find the Windows DVD App for sale for a MERE 15.00. Then reach in your back pocket. Pull out your cash, visa, mstrcard, creck, iou, arm, leg, etc. and pay the 15 EXTRA dollars on top of the half a G you just spent on your NEW PRE_INSTALLED WINDOWS 10 PC.


CROOKS. 500 wasnt enough?

Solved, answer, resolution, crooks, real answer, resolved, rip off, look, answer, solve, download, solution


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Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: DVD not working

try update driver for SATA controller, unfortunately, it must be done manually in Device Manager and the right driver has name " AMD SATA Controller " . It is contained in package AMD Graphics driver on Lenovo support page :

Paper Tape
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Re: DVD not working

Thanks a lot!


I had the same problem with lenovo Z50


This solution worked for me!

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