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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Z50-75 bios update failed > black screen



I recently bought a Lenovo z50-75. A few hours ago I wanted to update my bios. It was updating and suddenly the laptop restarted and there was just a black screen. I could hear the fans running, but the keyboard doesnt work because if I press Caps Lock the light won't turn on.


I searched on google and there I found some solutions (with pressing keys, removing battery, etc.), but none seemed to work.

I also found something about the CMOS battery. I opened my laptop but I couldn't seem to find it.


What can I do now? 


Best regards,



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Community Moderator
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Re: Lenovo Z50-75 bios update failed > black screen

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Max !


From viewing your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual there is a motherboard CMOS battery.  Unfortunately from the illustrations in the manual it would appear that the CMOS battery on the Z50-70 is soldered directly to the motherboard and can not be easily removed.  In that case try removing the main battery pack again and then press the power button for 60 seconds or longer.  Hopefully the CMOS battery will not be able to keep up with the power drain and will clear the CMOS.  Then reinstall the main battery pack and try powering it up. 


For your reference, here is a link to the Hardware Maintenance Manual......


If that doesn't resolve the problem then I recommend you contact Lenovo Support for additional warranty service.


Lenovo Support  -  Netherlands


0900-654-654-0 or Email: email
(€ 1 per gesprek)
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday

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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-75 bios update failed > black screen

hello .. I have the same problem herrr .. please help me :'( 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z50-75 bios update failed > black screen

This is for the Lenovo z50-70 so Lenovo updated the bios It did the same now black screen was working ok before dont Lenovo  check this before releasing bios update now I've got a damaged laptop now. when do Lenovo actually check there bios update well never that's why everyone complaining about the bios update and it's not fixed and damaging there laptop and who the he'll had the idea to solder the bios battery to the motherboard. So we have to drain our laptops which wait fix this so then what if with warranty we can the fix otherwise we have to pay for the fix.

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