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Lenovo Z51-70 Graphics Card AMD R9 M375 Issue

2018-03-07, 21:50 PM

Hi all, this is my first message here :-)


I'm having an issue with Digital Combat Simulator (DCS, https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/), the game crashes every time I go into a mission. I've contacted game support and the crash report points to a GPU fault. I was able to run prior versions of the game tho (1.5.7 was working all right, then at the update to 1.5.8 and 2.5.0 I wasn't able to play anymore).


My laptop meets the game requirements for sure, the fullest laptop data I found has been here: https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-z51-80k6002su-s-black-5th-generation-intel-core-i7-5500u-2-40ghz-1600mhz-4mb/specs/

My SO is Windows 10 Home Edition - 64 bits, I have installed Directx 12 (FL 11.1). BIOS version is

The drivers for the dedicated AMD card is the last stable one: Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1, with driver version 23.20.15017.3010, with release date 01/31/2018

The integrated Intel Card (Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500) has a driver version, with release date 03/08/2017, updated using lenovo webpage https://support.lenovo.com/es/en/downloads/ds103653


What I've already tried (as far as today, no one fixed the issue):

 - Setting DCS graphic settings to minimum.

 - Updating drivers on both GPUs though Windows device administrator. AMD was updated to actual last driver (Windows updated just to 2015 driver) by downloading from AMD webpage.

 - Disabling Intel GPU in the device administrator to make AMD the main and only GPU in the laptop. I think the game actually load this time, but on the task administrator it was showed a ~98% use of CPU and 0% of AMD card, so it didn't resolve the issue. The game seemed like frozen, like if CPU couldn't handle every computation needed for the game in real time.

 - Get in the BIOS to try to set up AMD as the main GPU. The only options allowed were UMA graphic (Intel GPU, if I'm not wrong) and Switchable Graphics. This last one was the selected one, and I applied no changes to BIOS default settings.

 - Learnt about how Lenovo handles the double GPU, activating the second one when there's a great demand in computations. Dell laptops have similar issues as well.

 - I don't know if I have AMD Catalyst Control software installed or not, I don't have any exe to launch it, but I have a software which checks system settings and GPU, and manage some aspects of this last one. It appears as AMD Radeon Settings. Unlike other user issue, my AMD GPU does not appear as (Disabled) there, only as (Discrete/Hybrid). It says that "No displays are currently connected to AMD products", but it could be the way Lenovo makes it work, though the Intel one. In the AMD software Switchable Graphics tab, DCS wasn't there, so I added Run.exe there, with option to use max performance.

- I tried to revert to DirectX 11.3, as a workmate told me some GPUs could been not prepared for last Directx versions, but I couldn't find an executable to install this specific version. Directx does not appear on Remove Program at control panel either.


And just some random tests:

 - Disabling AMD GPU in the device administrator to make Intel integrated card the only working GPU in the laptop.

 - I runned a Lenovo Solution Center quick scan, there was a warning on AMD GPU, and one error with memory.


Sorry if there's something unclear, English is not my native language. I can further explain what I say, and attach any more screenshots if needed.


Best regards and thanks for the help :-)







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Re: Lenovo Z51-70 Graphics Card AMD R9 M375 Issue

2019-06-17, 1:00 AM

same problem here ,,, any help ?


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Re:Lenovo Z51-70 Graphics Card AMD R9 M375 Issue

2020-06-27, 6:34 AM

Were you able to get any solution?


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Re:Lenovo Z51-70 Graphics Card AMD R9 M375 Issue

2020-06-29, 13:16 PM
Can it be solved if I replace my AMD graphics card with NVIDIA graphic card? Because I am having the same exact problem. If I enable my graphic driver my laptop get crashed with blue screen saying problems like memory management, srt trails, etc. I have tried going to three lenovo service centre but they weren't of any help. They just format my laptop and reinstall windows but that don't work up to it.
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