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Lenovo Z51- 70 Hinge problem

Hi I have a question about the hinges on my Lenovo Z51-70


I brought the product new from an online retailer end of Nov 2015 and had a problem with the hinges making a noise (creaking/cracking) noise from the start,


As it was close to xmas and I thought it was just a teething issue.  IE they had been over tightened and would loosen up overtime I left it till end of December.


I have since been told that hinges are not covered as they are cosmetic items and because they have damage the plastic casing internally I will have to pay for this.


There was another issue with the lenovo (the harddrive failed), but have been told they will fix this free of charge.


The problem I have is that I have legal rights as a consumer and the item was not fit for purpose on delivery.


So how do I get to this fixed free of charge as this damagewasnt done by my mis-use and the item is under 6 months old and would be cover by the Sales of Goods Act. IE faulty when brought


Please help as I need to know if the hinges were too tight at the manufacturing stage and when I recieved the laptop it would cause unnecessary wear and tear (durability) on the plastic casing causing it to become damaged.

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Re: Lenovo Z51- 70 Hinge problem

I am facing a similar issue. Laptop's right side hinge is making a cracking sound. If I see it from the backside, the lower panel cracks open at the side while we open the upper panel.

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