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Paper Tape
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Re: Z510 Ideapad Battery Problem

In mine case, there is one  new development in the battery. In the last week it happened that battery charged to 100% and I was able to unplug it from the AC power. But then after couple of hours suddenly it dropped down from 100%  to 0 without any warning. The only change I did was remove the energy manager software of Lenovo and reinstall that. But then same experience happened in Linux too.

For example now also it is showing 100% being in Linux, but at what stage it will go to zero, I don't know, so for being safer side I have plugged it.

If anybody has any clue?


with best regards


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues



Further updates:


1. My battery has been shipped and a service person will be replacing it by today.

2. The Energy manager (v1.0.0.35) now lists my battery as weak and is suggesting that I get it replaced.


Will circle back after my battery is replaced. Hoping that this solves the problem.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues

Hello all, did you get the battery replacements sent out to your person or did you have to send the laptop in? I only ask because I have the same problems where the battery is totally dead and will not power on without the charger. I would be able to replace the battery myself if one was shipped but the representative on the phone told me that they don't do that, I don't want to send the laptop in as I need it for my job and 2 weeks without it equals 2 weeks without pay for me. Thanks in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues



As my purchase entitled me to onsite warranty support, the service engineer visited my place and replaced the battery. The battery was not shipped to me. It was sent to the engineer.


On a side note, replacing the battery in the Z510 is a tedious chore. The technician removed the screws at the bottom of the laptop, and had to remove a few screws after detaching the keyboard and CD drive. So, it is better if the replacement is done by a Lenovo technician.


So far, the bew battery is working fine. The LEM is showing the status of the battery as healthy.


Let me know if anyone has any queries regarding this.



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues

I just received my laptop back from the Lenovo Service Centre and it is working fine. They replaced the battery and charging adapter. I'll provide an update if it stops working again.


I must say the service from Lenovo was really quite good. Everything the representative said would happen did happen. I received regular email updates from Lenovo regarding the status of the repair. The computer was fixed and shipped back to me within two days after Lenovo recieved it.

What's DOS?
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Re: Z510 Ideapad Battery Problem

I have the same problem. I used to get a 10% warning come up and instead it powers off. The battery appears to report up to 99% battery life and then suddenly it is off. I plug in the power and then switch back on only to find that it is charging from 0%. I don't get anywhere near the reported (battery indicator). Also I am trying to run a business and cannot afford to lose the laptop for up to 10 days. I have arranged with Lenovo to remove the battery and test whether I can still use the laptop. If so I will then arrange for them to collect the battery and exchange it when ready. If it is a software issue then I am pretty screwed as it will have to go away.


Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues

In an unfortunate turn, I took my laptop in to have the battery replaced and the technician who did the work damaged my computer severely. The laptop has huge aesthetic gashes along the top/bottom of the machine, and there's a massive indentation on the inside (next to the number pad) where the tech clearly leveraged a screwdriver or an equally abrasive tool (I'm assuming to remove the disk drive). 


More quality customer service from Lenovo. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues

I sent mine in for service and it came back after about three weeks. My brother picked it up for me since I'm not in town yet. I'll be back on friday so I'll give you guys an update then, but I believe they changed the battery without any issues. We'll see if it's alright when I start it back up on friday though.

What's DOS?
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Dead Battery

Idea pad Z510 battery dead, won't take charge.  Guage reset does nothing.  Says it's fine but shows 0%.  Options?Thanks!

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Re: Dead Battery

Call Lenovo and ask for replacement.


Its a replacable unit so Lenovo should mail you a battery asap (if you are within warranty)

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