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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Z510 -> Battery and CPU; Battery Life with 16GB RAM and 500GB ssd

Hi There!

Some Questions:

1) Is the CPU of the Z510 on a socket so I could upgrade it?

I saw a dissambling video, that looked like you could do that.

And if one can do that: If you place a i7 on that board will the cooler be strong enough and is the battery able to keep up with the power needed from that i7?

And if I'd go totally crazy and replace the i5 4200, upgrade that thing to 16gb ram and change the hard drive to an ssd: Will the battery just vaporize? Smiley Very Happy

SO: Is it possible to upgrade the 4cell battery installed in my z510?


Thanks for your responses!


Regards from Germany,


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