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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎05-10-2012
Location: India
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Lenovo Z560 Audio interference - Buzzing sound - How do I rectify the problem?

Yesterday I updated my Win 7 on Z560.  Also ran check disk using seagate - seatools, installed system mechanic and cleaned system, updated various software including java and deleted K-Lite.


I suddenly noticed that audio is not clear.   There is a buzzing noise while songs are played.  I notice song speed also varies slightly. 


I tried reinstalling VLC, Conexant HD Audio driver, Nvdia update.   Also ran check disk.  But the problem still persists.


Does any one know how do I rectify this?  What is the problem?



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Registered: ‎05-29-2010
Location: Singapore
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Re: Lenovo Z560 Audio interference - Buzzing sound - How do I rectify the problem?

Hi balaram_poduri

Download dpclat to check and see if there's any driver interference


Post your results or more information here so it will be easier for us to follow up. Smiley Happy

Have a nice day! :smileytongue::smileyhappy::smileyvery-happy:


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