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Lenovo Z570 Spin Down (Autosleep interval 15 min) 2nd External Drive usb 2.0

Hello guys! I have a situation here. Since I reinstall my OS. I have 2 external hard drives put in external enclousers connected. One is  ST4000DM005 ( connected throw esata, other is ST4000VN008 connected throw usb 2.0. The external enclousers are same brand and models: IB-319StUS2-B. 

The sitiuantion when there is no activity the the drive connected throw usb 2.0 is in idle the notebook spin it down after exact 15 min tried everything is pas last month:

1.Power managment - high perfomance

2.Registry modifiactions

3.Power managment high perfomance throw Lenovo Power Managment

3.Turn off Hard Drives Set to : Never

4.Allow USB to put this device uncked

5.USB suspend settings DIsabled.

6.Turn off monitor after (it was set throw 15 min - never)

7.Tried NoSleep HDD - working its not a solution and remove the program.


The only alternative left is reset cmost battery but when i opened i can't put out the socket and destoy some of the cmos socket that goes into MB, get scarried and put back rear panel and close it.

When i tested on 2 other notebooks (one on fedora other on win7x64) (only throw usb same symptoms.

Interesting is that when i connected only 1 external hard drive everything works fine no spin down (autosleep etc).

I tried switch enclousers no luck , teseted with seagete 3tb in usb 2.0 same enclousure same result.

To Z570 currently connected: 2 external drives (1 to esata port other to usb 2.0), cooling pad and mouse receiver, tried disconnection cooling pad and mouse no luck either. 

OS: Win7x64


After insalling aida 64 extreme and put dekstop gadget seems hard drive not go to sleep due maybe i set hdd monitoring in the gadget.


Please guys any suggestions? Maybe not enough juice? Or maybe its Windows 7, but on linux was same result?

Bios upgrade any help will be great welcome.



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Re: Lenovo Z570 Spin Down (Autosleep interval 15 min) 2nd External Drive usb 2.0

I had the same problem after upgrading to Win 10 with Z510 and upgrading from old power management program to new. The laptop didn't turn off when:

Application was on (e.g. photoshop, blender, games). When laptop was idle it turned off.
Try checking that out on balanced power plan using the lenovo power management(as I didn't have any issues with sleeping).

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