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So my Laptop is a Lenovo Z580.. Today it had low charge in the battery.. So I connected the charger but the cable connected to the power adapter was somehow loose.. So the laptop shut down because there was no charge in the battery.. So I connected it properly then i started the laptop..But then it shoed a blue screen while showing the starting windows.then it restarts.. And then tells to either start windows normally or to use Startup Repair...Then i select start windows noramally and again same problem .. this time when lenovo logo apeeared i pressed F8 for advanced Startup Options and click on Disable Restart on System Failure..then it goes to startingwindows then again crashes and the error it shows is  PAGE_FAULT_AT_NONPAGED_AREA.. Anyways I have faced this problem(NOT SURE IF SAME PROBLEM BUT IT WAS JUST LIKE THE SAME) quite a few times in the past.. At that time when this error came I went to startup repair then I selected system restore and then selected a restore point... And DONE.. The problem was no more there....But this time when I went to system restore ... I saw there were no restore points.. I remember it quite well that before 3 or 4 days only I made a new restore point....When i ran the startup repair it fixed a  problem then it told me to restart however yje problem was not fixed now either. so i again used startup repair and now it says that the problem cannot be reapired or something like that and tells me to either send a report or not to send one...And please dont tell me to do repair install as i dont have the disk of windows 7 ... tehy did not give me any so they told me to do some backup using 4 dvds with an application called lenovo one key recovery.,... Guys plz help me..And i dont want to format at all i ahve many movies many games(something like 130 GB) many movies... so plz help me.. 

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